Jeremiah Theatricals
"Mendel & Moses"

In the first musical of the trilogy (which we call "The Mendel Cycle") our Narrator, Mendel Moskowitz from
Brooklyn, goes back in time to ancient Egypt for a hilarious journey with Moses and the Children of
Israel, from
Slavery through the Wilderness to the Promised Land.
Gary Morgan as "Mendel Moskowitz"
and Jesse Garnee as "Moses"
in "Mendel & Moses," 1997
The Canon Theatre, Beverly Hills, Ca
Photo by Harry Langdon, Beverly Hills, CA
"Charming and full of wit and wisdom! The writers Ginsberg have fashioned a
fable that is full of humor, drama, satire, song and dance. A bit of something for
everyone! A show worth seeing!" - Ed Kaufman,
The Hollywood Reporter

"Excellent music! With its feet on the ground, its heart in the heavens, and that
irrepressible twinkle in its eye, Mendel & Moses is on the side of the angels and
good for what ails a sickened society! Critic's Choice!" - Polly Warfield,

"Mendel brings humor and high spirits to the story! Rousing laughs along the
way!" - Don Shirley,
The Los Angeles Times
Opening Night - July 21, 1997
at The Canon Theatre in Beverly Hills
Richard Mull & Dom De Luise
Jeremiah Ginsberg & Theodore Bikel
Click "play" above to view the 6 1/2-minute video of highlights
of the 1997 Century City production of "Mendel & Moses."

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Jeremiah Theatricals,
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The musical "Mendel & Moses" was performed in concert at The MJAA Conference in
Grantham, PA on July 7, 2006, to a standing ovation!

"The most beautiful music I've ever heard in my life,"

said Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of Beth Israel Worship Center.

View video highlights below!

Stephen Len White as "Moses," Jeremiah Ginsberg as "Mendel,"
Jamie Ellen De Oliveira as "Zipporah," Faith Yesner as "Miriam,"
George Comtois as "Aaron," Denny Hollowell as "Gabriel,"
Ethel Chadwick as "Taskmaster," Darcie Liberman as "Eve," Darcy Morrison as "Farfel"
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The Concert Version of "Mendel & Moses" at  Beth Israel on March 5, 2010 was outstanding!

"The night was incredible! The performance was wonderful! Everyone was completely blessed!
It was a ministry of joy, of blessings, of humor, of beauty, of power, of holiness, of God! The
music was exquisite. You have an incredible gift. And the Spirit of grace and favor was upon
it. It was a joy and honor to have you here. You are very much a part of the ministry and the
family of Beth Israel. And we are always blessed to see the powerful ways the Lord is using
you! We love you! God bless you, Jonathan Cahn & Beth Israel"