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The Ginsberg Writing & Producing Team

Jeremiah Ginsberg is the composer and lyric writer. Wendy
Ginsberg collaborates with him in writing the scripts. Together,
they have written and produced two award-winning musicals,
"Mendel & Moses" and "Rabboni." They produced their third
musical, "The Time of Mendel's Trouble," at The Beckett Theatre
in NYC in the summer of 2008. The operetta on the Book of
Esther premiered in Paramus, NJ in August 2013.
Jeremiah & Wendy Ginsberg
"Mendel & Moses"
"The Time of Mendel's Trouble"
Esther, Sweet Esther"
Original Cast of Mendel & Moses - Century City Playhouse, L.A.
Jeremiah & Wendy Ginsberg
Photo by Harry Langdon,
Los Angeles, CA
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  1. Mendel & Moses!
  2. Rabboni!
  3. The comedic Adam & Eve scene!
  4. The Time of Mendel's Trouble
"Mendel & Moses"

In the first musical of the trilogy, Mendel Moskowitz from Brooklyn
goes back in time to ancient Egypt for a hilarious trip with Moses
from slavery to the Promised Land.
Ned York & Spencer Cherashore in Mendel & Moses
"Rabboni," also known as "Mendel's Messiah"

In the second musical of the trilogy, Mendel goes back to ancient
Jerusalem where he meets Yeshua and the disciples for a Jewish
Gospel story like you've never seen before.
"The Time of Mendel's Trouble"

An epic tale of love, tragedy and triumph with the Two Witnesses of
the Book of Revelation during the Tribulation period. The end of the
world was never so entertaining
! Click on our music page to hear
samples from the score.
Ned York as "Pharaoh"
Spencer Cherashore as "Captain"
Jeremiah Theatricals,
Presenting Award-Winning Biblical Entertainment
"Esther, Sweet Esther"

Based on the Book of Esther, this new musical dramatizes how a Jewish maiden became Queen of Ancient
Persia and conquered Haman, the man with the little square moustache!
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videos on your cell phone.
The Time of Mendel's Trouble - at The Beckett Theatre
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for "The Time of Mendel's Trouble!
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Cast & Crew - The Time of Mendel's Trouble - July 2008
Photo by Carol Rosegg; The Cast & Crew of "The Time of Mendel's Trouble"
Standing, from left: Tyrick Wiltez Jones as "Harold," Elle Aghabala (PSM), Jared
Forsythe (ASM), David Demato as "Giuseppe Gepetto Falsetto," Josh Lamon as
"Akbar Duhnutjob," Chris Reber as "Murray," Peter Bogyo (General Manager),
David Everett as "Sheik-Abu Ali-Goniff," SuEllen Estey as "Lady Beezer," Ryan
Hilliard as "Secretary General Don Juan O'Harlett," Ira Denmark as "Rabbi
Avraham Ben Mordechai," Veronica Fuchs as "Lust," Peter Fuchs (Music Director),
Wendy Ginsberg (Writer/Producer), Jeremiah Ginsberg (Composer/Author/Producer
& Director); Crouching, from left: Adrienne Doucette as "President Scarlett
O'Harlett," Matt Landers as "Vladimir Bullshatowsky," Tom Richter as "Mendel,"
Carolyn Paddock (Choreographer), Tescia Seufferlein (Costume Designer), D.L. as
"Molly," Sheila Wormer as "Minnie Ben Mordechai."
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